Eagle Wing Aviation
Authorized Buckeye Dealer - Provo, Utah
Imagine a ride so smooth, it feels as though you are merely floating. Picture yourself enjoying the scenery after only a few hours of flight instructions. This is the image of the newest wave that is spreading not only across the nation, but across the world in the aircraft industry.
For the pilot that would like to fly without worry or assistance, here is an aircraft that has only 3 flight controls, flies at a constant speed of 26 to 30 MPH, and doesn't require a large runway.
Many people say, I don't know if I can do this because I've never flown an aircraft before. No need to worry. About 70% of our pilots have never flown any type of aircraft before.
You can't stall , roll, loop, or dive when you fly the Buckeye in proper safe flying conditions and best of all if, in the unlikely event your engine quites, you simpy glide slowly back to the ground.
Find out for yourself how safe, fun and easy it is to fly with an instructional flight in our best selling aircraft, the Dream Machine.
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